Using SQL Database for a College Library

This post is about how database can manage the resources of library in college. This system could provide basic set of features all about issuing of books, membership and storage of books in library. Mostly, many colleges haven`t got proper system to keep record of books and library board's details. Main issues usually are; no idea on return date of book, how many books are issued to one student, how much the fine is due; manpower is required to handle all these queries, difficult to understand the system. Often, there is no proper system to check which books are overdue and fines are payable but using database queries we can easily find the list of members who are due for fine.

With our knowledge in SQL we can provide a system which can easily manage these problems in college library. A database could be designed using SQL application to convert a manual system into library database system which provide variety of access to library and provide an organized system. Also, there is a function of system updating, deletion and modification. Library database system must be designed to maintain the library assets in a suitable way. In this database rational members of the library can keep track on availability of books, information about membership either they are a student or staff of college, they can join or leave library and some responsibilities of librarian. The core goals are to define the entities, attributes and their relationship to create a database that can easily manage by admin.